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As the thought  leader on entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) supports successful  entrepreneurs across the globe, with more than 120 chapters in 41  countries. From San Francisco to Shanghai, our members are making a mark on  their businesses, industries and communities, all with the support and guidance  of EO, their peers and chapter leaders.

For 25 years, EO has  been working hard to expand its presence, launching new chapters every year in  thriving cities. This commitment to expansion is critical to our mission of  growth by way of globalization, and every new chapter further establishes us as  an elite network of global entrepreneurs. Launching an EO chapter is our way of  reaching out and tapping into the lifeline of every country— entrepreneurs!  More chapters mean more entrepreneur networking,  an expanded community, more connections to experts and greater opportunities  for business growth, resulting in an enhanced EO experience.

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  • Athens, Greece
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  • Wellington, New Zealand

EO is coming to (location). Prospective member candidates must be a founder, co-founder or majority share holder of a qualifying business. A qualifying business grosses USD$1M in annual revenue. The chapter is successfully launched once there are 16 core members with a designated board. If you are interested in joining EO (Location) please complete a membership application for At-Large (Region). For more details on launching a chapter in your city contact Laura Johnson, Director of Global Membership Development, at


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