Rosemary Tan - EO Global Chairman - FY2013/2014 

For more than 25 years, EO has been supporting entrepreneurs in all corners of the world as they transform businesses, communities, industries and the lives of those they lead. This year, we’re taking that support to another level by giving our members the tools they need to truly “Engage the World.” By engaging on a local, regional and global scale, we can better explore what the world has to offer, serve as greater catalysts of change and find new ways to give back to those who will follow in our footsteps. What’s more, we can make a mark beyond just business, become stronger 360° leaders and discover how to get more out of our entrepreneurial journey. Along the way, we will touch lives, inspire growth and realize the true value of entrepreneurship.

How will you engage?


Rosemary Tan, EO Malaysia
EO Global Chairman, FY2013/2014


FY2013/2014 EO Global Board of Directors

Rosemary Tan Rosemary Tan
EO Malaysia
EO Global Chairman
Daniel De La Garza Daniel De La Garza
EO Costa Rica
EO Director
Blair Assaly Blair Assaly
EO Edmonton
EO Director
Jody Dharmawan Jody Dharmawan
EO Indonesia
EO Director
Adrienne Cornelsen Adrienne Cornelsen
EO Dallas
EO Director
Lance Lai Lance Lai
EO Sydney
EO Director
Gilberto Crombe Gilberto Crombe
EO Monterrey
EO Director
Yoon Li Yong Yoon Li Yong
EO Malaysia
EO Director
Robert Strade Robert Strade
EO Executive Director

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