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For 25 years, the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) has been working hard to expand its presence in all corners of the world, launching new chapters every year in dynamic cities. This commitment to expansion is critical to our mission of becoming a global thought leader on business entrepreneurship, and every new chapter goes a long way in establishing us as the world’s elite entrepreneur community.

Launching an EO chapter is our way of tapping into the lifeline of every country— entrepreneurs! We go boldly into new markets, leaving our legacy and furthering our mission to engage leading young entrepreneurs to learn and grow through business networking and leadership development. Here is some more information about what it takes to launch an EO chapter:

Why are new chapters important to EO?
More chapters mean more members, an expanded community, more influence, more connections and greater personal and professional opportunities, resulting in an enhanced EO experience.

What are the key elements for launching a chapter?
First, EO must identify a market. Second, a member champion must be chosen. Third, EO must generate interest and visibility in the new market. Once these steps have been accomplished, EO can take the necessary measures to build out the chapter for its official launch.

How can I get involved?
If you have ties to young successful entrepreneurs, business networks, and small businesses in other cities, or if you are an EO member and would like to help the organization champion a chapter in your region, please contact Laura Johnson, EO’s Director of Global Membership Development.

Where can I go for more information?
Click on the following links to learn more about EO’s chapter launches.

With 120 chapters in 40 countries around the world, EO is an entrepreneurial community unlike any other. As a thriving entrepreneurial network, EO continues to make a lasting impact in the lives of countless business owners around the world.

 1. Membership at Large

You can apply for membership at large and get access to all the non-chapter related benefits.
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 2. Launch an EO Chapter

Starting a new chapter within the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) is a lot like starting a new company. It takes dedicated leadership, and in this case, a real group effort to make sure the startup chapter succeeds. If you have a passion for success, shaping an EO startup chapter gives you the chance to make your mark!

Find out about the Chapter Launch Process
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Download the Income Verification Form
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"It was a privilege being involved in the launch of EO in South Africa. It was my first real forum experience. The other two members that were in the launch with me have become great friends. Being an Entrepreneur, we love creating things, seeing something go from an idea to reality. Seeing EO South Africa grow from three founding members in 2004 to over 50 members today fills me with pride."

-Orrin Klopper, EO Member

About At Large Membership:
Being an At-Large member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization means having access to all the global benefits (LINK) of EO without having a local chapter in your city. This option is available to anyone living more than 100 miles away from an existing chapter. EO At-Large members can attend Global events, connect with members through our online tools and take advantage of Global partnerships. As there is no local chapter At-Large members do not have access to chapter events or Forum.
To apply for At-Large membership, select “At Large” in the membership application.

At Large membership is a good option for entrepreneurs interested in starting a chapter in their city or those who just want to be a part of the EO community.

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