EO Mentorship: Be Accountable. Build a Connection. 

There’s a phrase my grandfather said to me that totally defines this whole program ... ‘a smart man learns from his experiences but a wise man learns from the experience of others.’ To set a program up so guys like me can leverage the experience from guys like my mentor, that’s huge.

Barrett Ersek 
EO Philadelphia, Mentee  
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What is EO Mentorship? 

EO Mentorship helps you engage in a synergistic, one-on-one relationship to learn from the experience of a peer. These personal connections accelerate development by focusing on goals that drive growth and gather new insight, perspective and feedback.

How does it work?

  1. EO matches mentorship pairs based on mentor expertise and mentee goals.
  2. Pairs will meet face-to-face on average monthly, scheduled at the mentor’s convenience.
  3. During each meeting, the mentee will bring forward specific goals for development while the mentor acts as a sounding board.

EO Mentorship is a chapter-driven program for EO members. All operations are carried out at the local chapter level.

To find out more, contact mentorship@eonetwork.org.

Membership Benefits

EO is supporting high-growth emerging entrepreneurs by expanding its mentorship program to the 30 finalists of the EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) competition. With support from the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, a program of the Aspen Institute; and in partnership with MicroMentor, a program of Mercy Corps; we are building the mentor pool by reaching out to the corporate social responsibility programs of internationally-based companies to recruit c-level and executive level volunteer mentors. For more information, please see the press release and visit MicroMentor.

EO members are also invited to join as mentors, and are encouraged to spread the word among their colleagues and contacts. A self-nomination and recommendation form for mentor prospects can be found here.

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